How to improve your fitness with Radcliffe Group

Here at the Radcliffe Group gym in Crewe, we offer a range of exercise classes designed to help you to improve your fitness, build strength and enhance your overall wellbeing. Let’s take a look at what each of our exercise classes involves, so that you can book a session that’s tailored to your needs…

What does a Reformer Pilates class include?

Our 60 minute Pilates sessions are unique using the Merrithew Reformer, allowing us time to ensure we incorporate not only all of the elements of the reformer methodology into the session – centring, control, flow, breath, precision, and concentration – but also allows additional time for that all-important and much-needed mobility work. The classes will cover movements to promote flexibility, mobility and all-over strength, with a focus on the core and glutes, and provide a challenge here and there when it comes to balance and coordination! Reformer Pilates is excellent for all walks of life – from everyday living to a high-end elite athlete training regime.

What does a WattBike Spin class include?

Our WattBike spin classes will help you move more efficiently, evenly and ergonomically – in return, you’ll become stronger, faster and fitter, which transfers into all sports (not just cycling!). Spinning is perfect for injury prevention, to build you back up after returning to fitness, and to get fitter than ever before. Our WattBike Spin classes are not just designed to burn calories and to spin to music; they are also performance-driven. Each class is based on sound scientific principles that ensure your participation will result in you becoming stronger, faster and leaner. They vary from endurance sets to Vo2 blasts to threshold training, with hill sets and Tabata sessions also added into the mix for the best overall workout on a bike.

What does a Strength & Conditioning class include?

Through Strength and Conditioning, our expert team can help you to build long term strength development to both alleviate pain management and optimise strength gains. We focus initially on correct technique and execution, and then build on muscle capacity, absolute strength and strength through a full range of movement. Our Strength and Conditioning classes incorporate a variety of lifts to ensure a full body workout is obtained, moving through all elements of Strength and Conditioning, all of which can be modified to suit all ages and abilities, from beginner to experienced.

What do Circuits and Kettlecise classes include?

Circuits – A high intensity class, following the Radcliffe Group philosophy starting with mobilisation, moving into a short segment to get the heart rate elevated and the blood pumping, which leads into a 20 minute circuit, finishing with ancillary work to strengthen the glutes, core or thoracic spine. Our Circuits classes use a variety of Perform Better weights, Keiser functional equipment and bodyweight movement for a full body workout.

Kettlecise – The perfect hybrid class of strength and high intensity fat burning, following the Radcliffe Group philosophy; Mobilisation, Core, Glutes and Functional Movement Patterns. Kettlecise is a combination of strength and endurance movement using dumbbells and kettlebells helps to build functional strength.

How to choose the best exercise class for you

When it comes to choosing the right exercise class to improve your fitness, you can talk to our friendly team to find out a little more about what each class involves, as well as how they can help you to achieve your fitness goals. With our cost-effective membership options, you can also try out several classes, making it easy to find your favourites.

Find out more and join us today to get started on your fitness journey.


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