Radcliffe Group are experts in pain management and movement control and offer a range of services for the general population but also for the aspiring athlete.

Boasting staff members with over 20 years experience working with premier league footballers, Olympians, Golfers, Tennis players and Tri-athletes, we have developed a philosophy and series of concepts ‘Exclusively for Everyone’.

Our holistic approach to assessment, diagnosis , treatment and intervention makes us the leaders in pain managements and rehabilitation. Our philosophy is simple and can be summarised using 5 key steps;

we switch off your pain

Assessment & Diagnosis

We delve into what is causing your pain, and focus on immediate remedies that will improve your levels of comfort.


Based on the root cause of your symptoms, we strengthen key structures to help avoid recurring problems.


Using our state-of-the-art Merrihew Reformers, we enhance your mobility, before progressing to resistance training to build your general level of fitness.

we help you move better

Reformer Routines

We use an innoviative methodology proven to help remove restrictions, increase mobility and flexibility, activate core and glute muscles and improve functional movement.


We provide you with daily mat-based activation routines that can be used in the absences of a reformer in the comfort of your own home.


Using the uniquely developed Vertimax training system, we help you develop the ability to tolerate lactic acid and the capacity to maintain a higher intensity for longer.

we improve your fitness

Strength & Conditioning

Applying our contemporary approach to strength development, in a progressive manner we help you develop a foundation in both lower and upper body strength


We use the intelligent cycling software and consider different energy systems to implement a series of protocols and progressions that optimise speed, strength, power and endurance.


Implementing this revolutionary approach, providing you with the equilvalent of 3 intense workouts in just 20 minutes. Perfect for early stage rehabilitition, the aging population or people with busy lives.

we give you the tools to stay fit

Bespoke Programme

Understanding that ever individual is different, and has different circumstances, we tailor a programme around your work, family or leisure commitments.


Using the concept of progressive overload, we find your start point and incorporate a series of progressions to ensure you remain motivated, challenged and most importantly see an improvement.

Nutrition Plan

Underpinning both injury prevention and performance, we highlight the need to understand the ‘perfect plate’, calculate your exact energy requirements and provide a seriesof meal plansd to help you achieve your goals.

we deliver the experience of an elite athlete

State-of-the-art facility

Located in the heart of east Cheshire, on the site of the Duchy of lancaster, our beautiful facility would not look out of place in an Ivy League college or Premier League football club.

Hi-tech Equipment

We only use the best and most up-tp-date equipment to implement our unique philosophy to help you achieve all your health and preformance goals.

Experience, Expertise

With an extensive career at Premier League level in both medical and performance domains, the directors bring elite-level instruction and education, not only to the elite clients but to all our members.

Hi-tech equipment


This piece of equipment is perfect for both rehabilitation and optimising performance placing resistance through a full range of movement

Keiser 3D Straps

Used with the keiser functional trainer, this simple yet effective, accessory, helps to develop balance and stability in different plains of movement.


Used in rehab, as a standalone class and to prime elite athletes before training the reformer enhances both mobility and strength


Causing muscles to contract 85 times more than conventional resistance training, the Miha Bodytec Electrical Stimulation Machine (EMS) provides a short but super intense workout.

Wattbike Nucelus

Coupled with the Intelligent Cycling software and dual resistance functions of the bike, this piece of equipment really does take spin to the next level.