LadBible’s Jake Massey attempts to pass a Premier League medical

Has Jake got what it takes to pass the test? 

Jake arrived bright and early from LadBible HQ with a nervous yet excited look upon his face, in anticipation of what the day ahead had in store for him. It began with a medical assessment followed by pre activation work, VO2 Max and lactate testing, concluding with pitch based session.

Medical Assessment

First up was Jake’s medical assessment. Clinical Director, Matt Radcliffe, quizzed Jake on his injury history, tested his mobility and range to see what condition he was in prior to his day ahead.

Pre Activation

Exercises that are part of a players every day pre training routine to:

– Reduce restrictions along the spinal column and therefore allow messages to travel from the brain to the extremities freely to aid mobility, flexibility and functional movement.

– Improve core stability to maintain good posture and strength through range when changing direction, accelerating, decelerating and performing explosive movements.

– Enhance glute activation that stabilise the knee and reduce the loading of the hamstrings to keep the spine stable and aid explosive movements.

VO2 Max Testing

Next up for Jake was a visit to Endurance Peak  to see founder Stuart Fisher at his HQ in Balterley, Crewe.
The test is a universally recognised maximal test that measures the ability of the body to take in and use oxygen.

– Performed on a treadmill and often used in combination with blood sampling to measure blood lactate concentration, the test provides data on how much oxygen a player uses and determines the maximum amount of oxygen that can be utilised during a controlled exercise protocol.

On this test, Jake, had an impressive VO2 Max of 52 – The Ronaldo of the Sunday League scene it seems!

Pitch Based Session

Jake’s final test was on the pitch down at the home Nantwich Town FC.
Used as a ‘conditioning’ training session for fit players and also players at their end of stage rehabilitation when injured the session is structured to replicate the demands of both training and games:

– Technical warm up : exercises with a ball to improve blood flow, increase temperature in the muscles and enhance functional movements.

– Passing exercise : football specific movements to improve control and coordination and decision making in preparation for more intense training.

– Technical ‘reaction’ exercise : passing & receiving practice to engage both the mind and feet in response to colours and commands to enhance decision making.

– Physical ‘crucifix’ exercise : multi-directional practice including change of direction, acceleration, deceleration, passing, turning with and without the ball and finishing to improve repeated high intensity movements.

– Physical ‘interval run’ : to recreate the demands of the game and increase the ability to maintain a high intensity

See the full video here to see if Jake, passes a Premier League Medical

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